National Brain Donation Awareness Day: 5/7

National Brain Donor Awareness Day is May 7th

On April 28, 2022, Congressman Blumenauer and Rep. Fitzpatrick introduced a joint resolution to designate May 7th as Brain Donation Awareness Day. This is a major milestone for us – one that we hope will have a great impact on science.

Science Can’t Thank You Enough…

When we get a chance to talk with these future donors, the sentiment is nearly universal – if it saves one family from suffering with the terrible disease that’s impacting their own family, people are happy to do it.

Lessons From a Boy and his Monkey

National Geographic cover featuring a boy with a small monkey on his head and page titled "More Brains Make Research Possible"

A year ago at this time a yellow magazine cover bearing the photo of a little boy with a monkey on his head suddenly appeared and made one heck of a mark on The Brain Donor Project.

A Salute To Those Whose Brains Are Going Places

Neon Sign that says Use Your Brain

Three years ago, in October of 2016, The Brain Donor Project began operating to make sure people know about the critical need for people to donate their brains to neuroscience when they die.

An Unexpected Positive

Kathy McKenzie said a final goodbye to her husband Michael on December 5, 2017. She had taken care of him as he suffered through Parkinson’s Disease and Lewy Body Dementia for more than ten years.

Scientists Identify Urgent Need For PD Brain Donation

This simple step can advance Parkinson's research

It’s no secret that scientists these days are coming at Parkinson’s Disease with everything they have—including enhanced brain imaging technologies, advancements in the search for biomarkers and a better understanding of the role played by alpha-synuclein.

Thank you, Solomon Wilcots

Thank you, Solomon Wilcots.

You may have come to know and admire him during his six seasons as an NFL defensive back – four with the Cincinnati Bengals.

When Show and Tell Gets Real

TEDx Cincinnati

I owe a lot to someone I’ve never met. He’s gone now…but he lived to be 101 years old and was said to be very astute up until the time he died. His brain turned out to be slightly larger and showing fewer signs of deterioration than a typical person his age, and there’s probably […]

Hellooooooo Wyoming!

Here we are six months into folks signing up to donate their brains when they die through the Brain Donor Project – and the results have been pretty phenomenal: We’ve heard from people who suffer from 40 different categories of neurological diseases and disorders. Those with autism, essential tremor, dementia, mental illness, ME/CFS, epilepsy, ataxia, […]

“It’s taught me a new level of compassion”

Don Demers

The Brain Donor Project is featuring stories during this Brain Awareness Week of those who’ll donate their brain to neurologic research when they die. For some, it is highly personal, inspired by someone they love. For many, it’s a natural way to leave a gift at the end of their life. In our minds’ eye […]