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Hellooooooo Wyoming!

Here we are six months into folks signing up to donate their brains when they die through the Brain Donor Project – and the results have been pretty phenomenal:

We’ve heard from people who suffer from 40 different categories of neurological diseases and disorders. Those with autism, essential tremor, dementia, mental illness, ME/CFS, epilepsy, ataxia, PTSD and more have committed to donating their brains when they die. Thank you for that…the more diverse this collection, the greater the chance of finding answers for these devastating diseases.

About one-third of those who’ve signed up don’t have a brain disorder – they’ve offered theirs as control brains in scientific investigations. We appreciate this – control brains are needed in every single study.

They range in age from 18 to 93. Great to know folks at every stage of life are willing to advance science in this way.

They’ve grown in number every month since we launched in October of 2016. A strong trend.

We’ve heard from people in the UK, Australia and India – people we cannot accommodate, but have tried to find them options in their own countries.

And here in the U.S. potential donors have come to us from every state in the Union (and the District of Columbia) with only four exceptions.

So far, we haven’t heard from Alaska, Delaware, South Dakota and Wyoming. Yes – we have potential donors in Hawaii.

A big thanks to all of you who’ve filled in the online signup form and submitted it to us. Remember, your registration is not complete until you’ve returned the paperwork sent by your brain bank – so if that’s still sitting on your desk, kindly make it a priority. It gets much more complicated for your family to see to your wishes if you’re not on a registry.

And if you know anyone in those four states, please let them know we’d love to include them in this really great group of people.

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