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Share Your Story

Chances are, if your family has donated a loved one’s brain, you’ve also had these experiences. We’d love to hear about the person you lost, why they made the commitment to donate their brain, and how the experience has been for you.

Spotlight on Rare Disease Week

The last week of February is an important one to us at The Brain Donor Project. It’s Rare Disease Week – when the spotlight is on better ways to diagnose, treat and cure diseases that affect a smaller amount of people.

5 Myths About Brain Donation

If you’re like most people, there are certain things about brain donation that you may think you know. Partly because they may be logical assumptions and partly because it may be a little awkward to discuss. Here are the five biggest issues that come up.

BDP Joins ABC to Deliver Congressional Briefing

On Tuesday March 8th, we’ll be making our case that Congress should declare a National Brain Donation Awareness Day to ensure that neuroscientists have what they need to cure brain disease.

Science Friday Webinar (Feb. 1, 2022) Q&A

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The Brain Donor Project Founder and CEO Tish Hevel recently participated in a live webinar with Ira Flatow, host of Science Friday. Unfortunately, there wasn’t time to answer all the questions that came in via chat, so we’ve compiled and answered them all here.

Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month

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An aging parent presents certain complications in every family. And when that person begins forgetting details, repeating the same questions, or having trouble with simple tasks, a frightening question begins to emerge. When is it normal signs of aging and when is it dementia?

What the Pandemic is Shouting at Us

Among the things that COVID has slapped us in the face about is the flat-out necessity of solid medical research and its power to keep our planet spinning the way it’s supposed to. What can you do about it? How do you feel about an easy action that nearly everyone can take to provide a precious resource for medical research?