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We’re so grateful when families mention The Brain Donor Project as a way to memorialize a loved one. It’s an incredibly meaningful end-of-life event. We know it was for us when Gene Armentrout passed and inspired the development of The Brain Donor Project. Many friends and family asked about brain donation when they saw it in his obituary or heard from others that it had been arranged. Those conversations help educate more people about the critical need for this gift.

Chances are, if your family has donated a loved one’s brain, you’ve also had these experiences. We’d love to hear about the person you lost, why they made the commitment to donate their brain, and how the experience has been for you. We hope that contributing to a healthier future with this final gift may have brought some comfort, like it did for us. These stories are powerful and relevant to those considering brain donation.

Do you think your story could help others feel compelled to consider brain donation? If so, please drop us a quick note about the best way to reach you. Thank you for considering sharing your story.

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