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September marks multiple awareness events

September reminds us of many things besides the fact that summer’s over and school’s back in session. In our case it’s a reminder that we still need prevention, diagnoses, treatments and cures for so many brain disorders. It’s easy to tell from the lengthy list of neurological diseases marking an awareness event in September.

Look at all of these:

  • Migraine Awareness Week ~ September 4-13, 2023
  • World Suicide Prevention Day ~ September 10th each
  • National Suicide Prevention Week ~ September 10-16, 2023 
  • World Alzheimer’s Day ~ September 21 each year
  • RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) Awareness Day – September 23
  • National Ataxia Awareness Day ~ September 25 each year
  • World Heart Day ~ September 29 each year
  • Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month
  • Dystonia Awareness Month
  • National Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Month
  • National Hydrocephalus Awareness Month
  • Pain Awareness Month
  • Healthy Aging Month
  • World Alzheimer’s Month 

Each one of these observances warrants attention. And we like to provide updates on research findings and developments when their particular month comes around. But we had to take a minute to shine a light on the fact that so many disorders, in one month alone, illustrates that the answers are not coming fast enough for so many people and their families with a neurological condition.

Brain donation, especially if you’re fortunate to have a healthy one when you pass, helps get us closer to the end for every single one of these disorders. If you haven’t yet, please consider starting the process at Or if the brain bank’s registration forms are sitting on your desk waiting for you to have time to complete them, please consider doing so now. Nobody’s tomorrow is guaranteed, and this final gift could make a world of difference for future generations.

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